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André Froelian's digital colorist portfolio

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Digital Colorist Digital Intermediate

Digital Colorist aus Berlin mit Spezialisierung auf Digital Intermediate, Telecine, Da Vinci, Lustre und Baselight

Colorist für die Postproduktion, Colorist for the Postproduction Postproduktion, Postproduction Telecine Spezialist, Telecine Specialist and virtual telecine Digital Intermediate DI Professional Da Vinci for postproduction specialized (Da Vinci Systems) Lustre (Autodesk) Baselight and Baselight film color grading system Color grading professional for motion picture Freelancer für Film und Farb Korrektur Berlin Deutschland, Berlin Germany Portolio Website of Digital Colorist Recently and new Works Commercial Clips Digital Colorist Feature Films Digital Colorist Showreels About André Froelian, über André Froelian Kontakt Berlin Impressum

Lustre Digital Colorist

Autodesk Media and Entertainment, formerly Discreet, is based in Montreal, Quebec as the entertainment division of Autodesk. This division produces software used in feature films, television commercials and computer games. It also provides products for management and distribution to complement its primary product line. It also resells harddisks and sells certain Linux softwares only with bundled computers. Since September 2010, Autodesk offers its bundle of software as well. Labeled flame premium, it contains smoke, flame and lustre and has a recommended retail price of 125.000 USD, which is a huge discount compared to former prices of the individual products.
Digital Colorist André Froelian · Freelancer from Berlin / Germany
Digital Intermediate · Telecine · Da Vinci™ · Lustre™ · Baselight™