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André Froelian's digital colorist portfolio

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Baselight Digital Colorist

Digital Colorist aus Berlin mit Spezialisierung auf Digital Intermediate, Telecine, Da Vinci, Lustre und Baselight

Colorist für die Postproduktion, Colorist for the Postproduction Postproduktion, Postproduction Telecine Spezialist, Telecine Specialist and virtual telecine Digital Intermediate DI Professional Da Vinci for postproduction specialized (Da Vinci Systems) Lustre (Autodesk) Baselight and Baselight film color grading system Color grading professional for motion picture Freelancer für Film und Farb Korrektur Berlin Deutschland, Berlin Germany Portolio Website of Digital Colorist Recently and new Works Commercial Clips Digital Colorist Feature Films Digital Colorist Showreels About André Froelian, über André Froelian Kontakt Berlin Impressum

Baselight Digital Colorist

FilmLight Limited is a digital cinema technology company started in 2002 by the Scientific and Technical Academy Award-winning former Computer Film Company R&D team. Their main products are: Baselight film color grading system.
These products aim to solve specific needs of the film post production industry. The Baselight system needs to work with high-bandwidth uncompressed data while providing real-time performance. In color management, solutions for the print and graphic design industries do not necessarily work since working with digitized film requires real-time performance for 24 images per second. This is accomplished through the use of 3D look-up-tables.

creative and technical process digital production

Colour grading is a demanding creative and technical process for any production - from commercials and long form television to feature film 4K DI. For any finishing process, flexibility and responsiveness are essential. Every action can be modified until the last possible moment, and powerful video and data conforming tools allow editorial changes. The systems offer real-time connectivity for SD, HD and 2K via tape and SAN systems, and provide audio ingest, record and playback. Baselight systems incorporate Truelight, providing colour-accurate emulation on any grading display. Baselight is at home with all input and output resolutions and formats, and with linear video and log image sequences.The systems integrate closely with Northlight, our own high-resolution digital scanner, and telecines.

Telecine Da Vinci Lustre Baselight Digital Colorist

Clear system and component upgrade paths protect your investment: upgrading to another level is simple because all systems are based on standard PC building blocks. New motherboard and processor technology, graphics and disk systems are installed at very reasonable cost, maintaining performance and value. Baselight delivers performance that exceeds anything else in the marketplace and Blackboard, the dedicated hardware control surface, is specifically designed for non-linear grading and simplifies the creation of complex grades and effects. We have gone to great lengths to make Baselight productive for multiple workflows. All decisions are captured in a database so that projects can be shared across users or sites.


Digital Colorist André Froelian · Freelancer from Berlin / Germany
Digital Intermediate · Telecine · Da Vinci™ · Lustre™ · Baselight™